For the past few months (November 2020 – March 2021) I’ve been privileged to spend time staying and working at Lone Pine on Wiradjuri land near Temora, NSW.

I specifically went there to be in a place I didn’t know … from this has come a body of work for the show entitled Quick and Dirty at New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) in Armidale, NSW.

Lone Pine comes with two old horses. This is their home, their place, where they can live out their days, having no ‘use’ but to simply be. They can be seen within these works, gentle, graceful, waiting.

Different materials to work on is also important, especially, those found in homesteads. So much of Australia gets pulled down for the new. Finding old glass panels and windows, parts of wooden doors and tables, old printed lino — these all make up an imagined Australian history of how life has been lived. These old cabinets and furniture were usually incredibly well made, using beautiful old timbers which are a delight to recycle.